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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Strike Three! The Thursday Three...

Terry's got Opening Day fever and so this week he wants to play ball! I'm too busy, really but I'll play along to today.

1. Do you really like baseball, or is it just something baffling that some people do?
Yes, I really like baseball, as long as its played in a stadium with no outfield seats except for a grassy hill to spread your blanket on. That seating method is just how family's do it down at the Salt Lake Bee's home stadium, Franklin Covey Field.

The Ogden Raptor's home park, Lindquist Field doesn't even have that outfield seating, though last year there was talk about adding some grandstands on top of the clubhouse that defines the left field fence.

I became a baseball fan back in Shrevepot LA when I was stationed at Barksdale AFB. I started going with friends and pretty soon I became quite fond of the relaxation that comes from watching a baseball game play out on a summer evening. Since moving to Ogden, I'm becoming a regular at Raptor's games though I listen to more of them on the radio while doing homework than I get to go watch. Not this summer, but next summer, I'm hoping to have a pair of season tickets in my wallet. This summer there is stiil homework to do. I haven't been to a MLB game since 1974 and I'm not anxious for the opportunity. I can watch baseball on the television but I generally don't, just because there's not enough time for tv in my life, especially in summer.
2. Who are some of your favorite players?

I liked Nolan Ryan for his longevity and business-like approach to being a good pitcher. I like Randy Johnson for his ferocity. But mostly I like those 19 & 21 year old players suiting up for the Raptors, playing baseball professionally for the first time in their lives. I like watching them warm up and taking time to sign autographs for the youngsters that stand at the fence next to the dugout. I admire them for their dream and the opportunity to take the chance to keep moving up and maybe, someday make the "bigs."
3. What one thing would you change about baseball?

I would cap major league players salarys to the median income of the city they played in or 90 thou per year, whichever was lower. I would promote sponsorship of schools and community centers by baseball teams. I'd make certain that the most expensive seat in the house was $20. Dump those over-paid crybaby millionaires that think stuffing themselves full of steroids is an ok career move and give baseball back to the families and the kids. That's what I would do!

There now--take a swing at those!

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